What are Nanobrows?

Nanobrows, a semipermanent procedure, combines the artistry of Microblading with the precision of a digital device. Pigment is embedded beneath the skin to create the illusion of strategically placed hair strokes for fuller and enhanced brows.

What is the difference between Microblading and Nanobrows?

The use of a digital device over a microblade results in a much gentler procedure. The microblade is slightly more rigid whereas the single nanoneedle is ultra-fine and flexible - this allows maximum precision and more even distribution. Thus, reducing the need for additional treatments. The use of a single needle digital device allows for more creativity and much more intricate patterns - thus introducing the ability to use more techniques to customize each brow design.

How do Nanobrows work?

A series of strategically placed device strokes mimic the true diameter and dimension of real hair, the pigment is then dispensed gradually into the skin to create flawless and natural hair strokes.

What do you use to perform Nanobrows?

We use the Amiea Linelle Supreme with a patented single use disposable safety cartridge with dual membrane that prevents back flow.

Is there a reason why I should choose Nanbrows over Microblading?

We recommend each service based on skin type and skin history. Although both processes yield a similar visual result, Nanoblading causes little to no trauma to the skin - meaning faster healing times and a higher probability of definitive strokes. With Microblading, skin type can often play a role in the finished product and dry to normal skin types often yield a crisp finish while combination to oily skin types can sometimes heal softer - Nanobrows will heal to a crisper finish as long as proper aftercare is taken to ensure the outcome. If you’ve previously had your eyebrows Microbladed, Nanobrows may be a better option moving forward in terms of retention. As the skin is worked and reworked through the Microblading process it becomes more difficult for your skin to retain the pigment - Nanobrows serves as a solution for this as it embeds the pigment with a digital device and allows for a deeper placement without causing damage to the skin.

Do Nanobrows hurt?

Discomfort is minimal and two(2) numbing ointments are used at different stages to insure a painless procedure.

Do Nanobrows affect the existing hair?

Nanobrows do not affect the existing hair, it actually has the opposite effect and can aid in the stimulation of hair growth. The needle penetrates in the skin layer where dormant follicles and collagen reside.

How long do Nanobrows take?

There are several stages which include; numbing, outlining the desired shape, pre-drawing the strokes, the actual process of Nanobrows, and the fine tuning of the finished process. This takes roughly 3-4 hours.

How much do Nanobrows cost?

Please refer to our services page for a detailed pricing guide.

Do different skin types react differently to Nanobrows?

Healed results are unique to the client, but Nanobrows generally produces the most consistent outcome and yields fine, crisp healed results regardless of skin type. If you have oily, sensitive, thicker, acne prone skin or have tried microblading and have not had great retention - Nanbrows is an excellent alternative to Microblading. The longevity of Nanobrows can vary and is attributed to a number of factors including; skin type, aftercare, and environmental exposure.

Are there any reasons why I may be ineligible for Nanobrows?

You must be 18+ to receive a service at Perfect Frame. As a safety precaution, we refrain from working on individuals who are pregnant or nursing. If you have previously tattooed eyebrows by another artist or are a male client, we do require a visual consultation via email before you are eligible to book an appointment. This is to ensure expectations and achievable results coincide with one another. If you are diabetic, you must insure your diabetes is well controlled. High blood sugar levels can complicate the healing process. We also refrain from working on individuals who are going through chemotherapy because they are at higher risks of bleeding and infection.

How long do Nanobrows last?

24 to 36 months when proper technique is applied. Longevity is dependent on skin type and lifestyle - contributing factors include: machine experience, hand movement and technique, pigment implantation technique, depth, and chosen pigments. We can not guarantee specific results.