Brows by  JONATHAN



Guybrows, The Most Natural Enhancement For Men’s Brows:

Perfect Frame is one of the leading studios in Men’s Microblading. With one of the largest male clientele in the industry - we pride ourselves in our ability to generate some of the most hyper realistic and natural outcomes for men. We’ve been featured on BuzzFeed, AOL, and Yahoo for our work with Microblading for Men.


What Makes Us Unique?

Our Approach

We create a fully collaborative experience with our clients to ensure everything from shape to the directional flow meets their expectations. We believe in results, not surprises and there’s often an adjustment process involved with cosmetic enhancements for men - we take every opportunity we can to help guide our clients through that process, as it’s happening, so that they can give their input and we can offer our expertise to collectively decide on a finished product. 

Our Results

What makes a natural Guybrow? Irregularities and negative space. The human eye is naturally drawn to patterns, thus any uniform approach to Microblading will result in a detectable outcome. We create irregularities within our customized hair patterns to ensure it  blends seamlessly with the natural brow hairs.