Brows by  Jonathan  /alopecia

Brows by Jonathan /alopecia


MICROBLADING FOR medical & restorative purposes

Microblading can be used as a restorative process for those who have suffered from alopecia, trichotillomania, or even chemotherapy. It can be used to rebuild/restore density or create the Perfect Frame you’ve always wanted.


Alopecia / Trichotillmania / Chemotherapy

Restoring density through the Microblading process is an advanced technique that requires a high level or artistic ability.


Facial Feminization & Masculinization

Eyebrows have a unique ability to change the overall structure of the face. For those looking to increase the masculinity or femininity of their face, Microblading can aid in adding structure and shape to compliment their preferred outcome. 


Scar Coverage

Microblading can be done to mask scar tissue within the brow area - depending on the severity of the scar, it may take multiple sessions to reach a desired  saturation as scar tissue can sometimes be unpredictable with its healing process.